How do I complete my 'Tentative Reservation'?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you have a tentative reservation, this means the seller has added some initial information for your property reservation but needs you to complete the outstanding details.

This could be tasks such as:

  • completing an identity-check
  • choosing your conveyancer
  • populating your proof of funds

The primary buyer listed will receive an email to notify them of the tentative reservation and will be directed to set a password and log in to Yourkeys from this email.

This article includes: 

How do I complete my 'Tentative Reservation'?

When you first log into the platform with a tentative reservation, you will see this as a status against the property you are reserving. To complete your outstanding tasks, click Continue.


We will show you an overview of your property details, which should be reviewed to ensure these are correct before proceeding.


If you need to alter any of the details, you will need to contact the developer/seller

When you're happy the details are correct, click Continue with your reservation to proceed.

Continuing with your Reservation

You'll then be shown all of the steps of the reservation including those which need to be completed.

To begin, click Start next to each step and we will explain each section in detail and how to complete it.

Make sure to click Review & sign and then Save to complete the steps.


Completing your Reservation

Once you have completed all the steps in your reservation journey, you will see the following banner, stating Congratulations, you have completed all of your reservation steps!


You can review all of the information if you click View beside each of the steps, or, by navigating to your Dashboard. To do this, click Go to dashboard in the banner.

 Did you know...

We have a detailed buyer FAQ section that can answer any questions you may have about the process.
Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support team who can help