Adding a new reservation - Reservation Consent

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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During your reservation, we need your consent to speak with some of our partners to help us gather all of the appropriate information to complete your purchase. 

This article includes:

Reservation consent

To return all of the required information to complete the purchase, we need to share some of your information with some of our third-party partners. We will do this automatically, but we need your consent to do so.

It is also important to ensure there is no conflict of interest between you, your company and the seller(s). To do this, we will ask for confirmation of the following before proceeding:

  • The buyer(s) consent to their information being shared with our partners to perform various security checks (conveyancers require this)
  • The buyer(s) confirm they are not a connected person to the seller/agent (e.g. as an employee or a relative of anyone who is an employee)
  • The buyer(s) confirm that the seller/agent is not acting for them in the sale of their current property
  • Any customised consent steps added such as a Privacy Policy

Consumer Code

It is very important that all buyers have total clarity regarding the details of their purchase. You should receive the following information prior to exchanging contracts in line with the Consumer Code:

  • An explanation of the Home Warranty cover
  • A description of any management services and organisations to which you will be committed and an estimate of their costs
  • A brochure or plan illustrating the general layout, appearance and plot position of the home
  • A list of the home's contents
  • The standards to which the home is being built
  • All information regarding any property licensing schemes and/or fees related to this property (Buy to Let purchases only)


You can find a downloadable version of the Consumer Code in the Reservation section of your Document Store

Once these points have been confirmed, you can click Save & next to begin the reservation.