My Reservation - Buyer(s) Details

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The first stage of the reservation journey will be to input the details of all buyers before we complete ID checks and other reservation tasks. 


This section will need to be completed if the seller has only taken the basic information for the primary buyer

This article includes: 

Primary buyer

The Primary buyer can be any of the buyers present at the time of reservation who will give their details and act as the main contact throughout the reservation journey. They will also be asked to add and review all of the buyer(s) details to ensure they are all correct. 

The Primary buyer will also be the Yourkeys account holder and can access their reservation details at any time to view the progress of their purchase.

Other buyer details

We will ask the Primary buyer to let us know how many buyers in total will be purchasing the property and all of their details.

Details of up to 4 buyers can be added, however, only the Primary buyer will be responsible for completing any further buyer tasks and ID checks during the reservation journey.

What details are needed?

Your seller will have added basic details for the reservation such as the number of buyers along with the name and contact information for the Primary buyer. We will then ask for the Primary buyer to check their details are correct and then add the following details:

  • All buyer(s) details as written on their official ID 
  • All buyers address histories (including the option to upload proof of your current address)
  • Employment status (including the option to upload proof of your payslips for 3 months)
  • Contact details for all buyers

Once all buyers details have been added, click Save & next to proceed to the next step.