Case Tools: Unit Transfer

Once a reservation has started, you will have access to the Unit Transfer icon in your Case Tools menu. This is the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. Simply click on any icon to open up the full menu.

When clicking Unit Transfer, you will firstly see a warning message stating: 

Are you sure you want to transfer all details of this reservation to a different unit? You will need to review the existing reservation details but can amend these details throughout as well as regenerate any reservation documents

With Help to Buy purchases, it will also state that: 

Both parties will need to sign the new reservation agreements with a wet signature before sending to the relevant Help to Buy agent. 

Had their been a history of other unit transfers with this unit this will also display in the side bar.

To begin, click 'Start unit transfer'. You'll then be given an overview of the current property and a list of all other available units in that development. You can filter using the search boxes at the top, click 'select' next to the relevant unit you wish to transfer the reservation to. We'll then give you an overview of the selected unit, prompt for a reason to be given for the transfer and ask if the buyer details or agreed price will remain the same. If no to either of these questions, we'll inform you that amendments to these details will be required in the subsequent reservation review. During these steps there is also a 'cancel transfer' button which can be used if the transfer is no longer required.

When you are happy to continue, click the 'Transfer unit details' button. A confirmation button will show informing you that the original unit will be immediately available for resale (so it cannot guaranteed the buyer can return to the prior unit if they change their mind). Click the final 'Confirm' button to complete the transfer. All stakeholders will be notified that the unit transfer has been made so the buyer's conveyancer for example, is aware of this for their case work. 

You'll then be brought back into the reservation step listing starting with any amendments needed to the unit details, when you're happy to continue, click 'Save & next' and 'Confirm'. You'll see unit transfer mode is now on via the banner in the development image. We'll prompt you to revisit the relevant reservation steps that need to be reviewed, simply click 'Continue' in the banner to enter these steps and amend any details as necessary.

Once all the relevant steps have been edited you'll be brought to the 'Review & Sign' step where the reservation details can be reviewed and the updated documents can be re-signed by both parties. Once signed, you will see the congratulations banner. We'll again notify all stakeholders the unit transfer is complete and resend the new documents to the stakeholders so they have the up to date information.

When a unit transfer is made, a case note will automatically be listed and will also auto-populate in the Progression Report so you always have an overview of any unit transfer history here as well!

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