Remote - ID Checks - Amending Buyer Details

If you have received an email entitled "Please review the buyer details", this means that the ID check has found conflicting information between the buyer details entered and the documentation submitted. This could be for example a mismatching date of birth or the buyer name being misspelled in the platform.

When returning to the reservation, you will see that 'Review' is listed next to the Identity Check step, click here and you'll be able to see all buyers who completed the check and which ones need amending.

Under buyer's with 'Consider', you will see a user icon with an edit pen, click here to view the buyer's details. From here you can either change the needed details and save & re-run the check (the buyer will not be notified), or if you are happy from their Identification that this is a mere misspelling for example, you can click 'Approve' instead and this will mark the buyer result as 'Clear'.

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