Progression Summary

Once a reservation is fully completed, you will have access to your Progression Summary. If you have just completed a reservation, click the 'Go to Reservation Summary' button and then click the 'Progression' header to access this. Alternatively, you can view this from your unit list view and clicking 'View' next to the relevant unit. Here you can access an overview of every step in your sales progression. This includes each step remaining until the purchase is completed, the stakeholder responsible for that step, the status of the step (pending, completed for example), and the date and time each step was completed. 

If the buyer's conveyancer is integrated with Yourkeys, then the status of each step will automatically update in yours and the buyer's platform when completed and you'll both be notified by email as well. If the buyer's conveyancer is not integrated, then you will need to click 'Mark completed' next to each milestone to manually to inform the buyer how their purchase is progressing. The buyer will be notified by email when you have updated a milestone. You can also edit the estimated legal completion date by clicking the edit pen. If an integrated conveyancer is being used, then the date will automatically populate to the completion date when this milestone is completed it and will then no longer be editable.

The milestones will be different depending on which purchase method is being used, for example, if the buyer is using a Help to Buy Equity Loan then further milestones on when their application has been approved will also be listed. When completed, these will also be shown in the your Progression Report so you have an overview of all transactions and their stage for the development. 


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