Reservation Summary

After the reservation is complete, you will have access to your Reservation Summary. If you have just completed a reservation, click the 'Go to Reservation Summary' button to access this. Alternatively, you can view this from your unit list view and clicking 'View' next to the relevant unit. Here you can access an overview of every step in the reservation process. This includes the stakeholder responsible for that step, the status of that step (completed, skipped, pending for example) and the date and time each completed step was completed. 

You can also resend emails from this page too! To resend a buyer login email, simply click on the 'Buyer details' arrow and then click the 'resend' button. To resend the document set to the buyer's conveyancer, click on the 'Instruction Pack' arrow and 'resend' next to 'Buyer's conveyancer in receipt', you can also resend the notification to your conveyancer to upload the Draft Contract Pack by clicking 'resend' next to 'Draft contract pack sent'.

You will have an overall Reservation Summary status that will show when milestones are hit, for example if you have tentatively reserved the property or if you have fully reserved the property. To look at the selections made in each step, click 'View' next to that step to be brought back into that section.

Note that should a buyer need to change conveyancer, then only you or Yourkeys Support can make this amendment for them on the platform as the buyer will not have edit access. In this case, you would need to click 'View' next to the Conveyancer step and then select ‘cancel instruction’ from this section. You will then be able to enter the updated details and the instruction pack will be re-sent to this new conveyancer.

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