Remote - Adding a new reservation - Choose your Conveyancer

Here you can choose the buyer's conveyancer. If you have not agreed on a conveyancer, you can click "buyer to complete later" in the top right, and this step will be sent to them to complete. We'll display ten integrated conveyancers at random and also show you the reviews they've had. If you choose to use our search box to find a conveyancer (sourced from the CLC and SRA), we'll filter the results to match what you type! 

If the conveyancer is integrated with us they will display a small Yourkeys logo and show estimated legal fees. Integrated conveyancers will receive the instruction and all of the reservation information directly to their case management system. They will also update all of the of the purchase milestones automatically on the Progression Summary, meaning you have real time updates on how the sale is advancing! 

If they are not integrated, they will not display estimated legal fees and you'll need you to manually progress the sale in the Progression Summary in order to keep the buyer up to date on their purchase. We will also send the reservation document set via email for them to download securely. If you can't find the conveyancer in our search list, you are still able to enter their details in manually too. 

Once a conveyancer is chosen, there will be a tick box asking the following "Please confirm that you allow us to pass your contact and purchase details onto this conveyancer so they can review your instruction." This will need to be ticked before you can proceed to appoint the conveyancer.  Once you have clicked 'Appoint conveyancer' simply select 'Save & next' to complete this step.

Should a buyer need to change conveyancer, then only yourself or Yourkeys Support can make this amendment for them on the platform as the buyer will not have edit access to the steps. In this case, the step would need to be edited from the Reservation Summary and then ‘cancel instruction’ can be selected. You will then be able to enter the updated details and the instruction pack will be re-sent to this new conveyancer with a regenerated Transaction Information Form (as well as a regenerated Gifted Deposit Form to be resigned by the gifter, if applicable). If an instruction to a conveyancer is cancelled and a new conveyancer is selected we will email all stakeholders confirming the change.

One of our existing integrated converyancers, The Partnership, have created this helpful video where you can can learn more on the process and benefits of digital conveyancing - watch this below:

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