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The Property Information Form is only applicable to buyer(s) purchasing a property using a Help to Buy Equity Loan. This will be a required step if the purchase method of Help to Buy was selected in the Pricing step. In order to be approved for the Help to Buy scheme, this form must be completed and sent to the relevant Help to Buy agent. You should receive an Authority to Proceed from the Help to Buy agent within 5 days if eligible!

Firstly, the appropriate region and details of the Help to Buy agent will be visible for you to see. We will then ask who is going to complete the Property Information Form:

- The seller/agent will complete it
-The mortgage broker/IFA will complete it

If you choose to complete the Property Information Form, then you can state when this has been submitted in a Final Task once the reservation is complete, you can learn more on this here. If the broker/IFA is selected, the buyer will be informed on their platform to liaise with them to submit this form, and will also be shown the same Help to Buy agent details. Please note it is mandatory for the buyer to sign the reservation agreement with a wet signature as part of the Help to Buy requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the Help to Buy Property Information Form, you can use the contact details we display for your local Help to Buy agent who can help you with any queries you have on filling out the form.

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