Remote - Adding a new reservation - Buyer(s) Details

In this step you'll be presented with the Buyer(s) details. You'll see this and every subsequent step are marked as pending for the time being, this will change as you progress through the steps and the platform will automatically list the date and time when a step has been completed. To begin, click 'Start' next to Buyer(s) details.

Firstly we will ask you enter the first buyer's details such as their name, email address and phone number. This buyer will be considered the primary buyer and will receive an email to create an account once your steps are completed. The primary buyer will be responsible for adding any other applicable buyers for this purchase and completing the remaining steps of the reservation. The buyer can review and edit the details listed here, for example, should there be any spelling mistakes of their name. 

Next we'll ask whether you wish for the buyer(s) to complete the identity checks through their own account. If yes, they can complete this using our partner Onfido who can check the buyer’s identity and confirm they do not appear on any global sanctions or watchlists. You can review the results once these checks are completed and these will also be sent to the buyer's conveyancer once the reservation is completed. If you would rather handle the identity checks outside of our platform, please select 'No'." Once you have entered the primary buyer's details and chosen how you would like the identity check handled, simply click 'Save & next' to complete this step.

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