F2F - Adding a new reservation - Reservation Consent

Before starting your reservation, we like to advise that the buyer(s) should have a valid form of identification with them, this way the reservation can proceed as quickly as possible!

Additionally, to return all of the required information to complete the purchase we need to reach out to some of our partners. We'll perform this automatically, but we’ll need the buyer's consent to do so. You can review our Privacy Policy here. We also need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between you, your company and the buyer(s) so will ask you to confirm the following before proceeding:

  • The buyer(s) consent to their information being shared with our partners to perform various security checks (the conveyancers require this).
  • The buyer(s) confirm they are not a connected person to the seller/agent (eg as an employee or a relative of anyone who is an employee).
  • The buyer(s) confirm that the seller/agent is not acting for them in the sale of their current property.

Once these points have been confirmed, you can click 'Save & next' to begin the reservation.

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