Case Tools: Chain Tracker

You'll see that during a reservation and on your summary pages, that there is a side bar with icons displayed on the right hand side of your screen, this is your Case Tools menu. Simply click on an icon to open up the full menu. 

Chain Tracker is where you can build the related chain for this purchase, including the status of the properties and the agent acting behalf of it. Simply click 'Add new chain +' to begin and then add the details of the buyer's property (that is to be sold) by either searching by postcode, street or address or by entering it manually. Secondly you can enter the purchaser name and property price, followed by the estate agent company name, which again can be searched for or entered manually. Lastly you can enter the status of the property and any notes you wish to add. The status selections are as follows:

- On the market
- Sold subject to contract (offer accepted)
- Contract exchanged (legally binding)
- Completed (Cash in seller's account)
- Non-dependant

You can then add the same details for property address 2 (the next property in the chain) and so forth. You can also edit/remove the details should you need to and these will only be visible to yourself and not the on the buyer's view.

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