Reporting: Progression Report

Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you.

Once you are on the reporting page, you'll see that the first tab is your Progression Report. Here you will have an overview of all the units that are in the sales progression and we'll also use the Progression Summary  to populate key milestones so you can see the status of each transaction too! We will also highlight in days, if the exchange date is over the original estimate as well as show any case notes related to the sale. 

The following metrics will be shown on the report page, however clicking 'Export as MX Excel' will provide you with the key Progression Milestone dates as well so you have the complete overview of each transaction and the stage it is at. The export will also break down the progression information based on the key stages; Reserved, Exchanged or Completed.

The platform report will show you the following metrics:

- Unit number
- Status, date the reservation was completed and the contract price
- Buyer name and telephone number
- Buyer type (mortgage, cash or Help to Buy)
- The name of the buyer's conveyancer and IFA
- The name of the sales negotiator
- Reservation completed date & time
- Saved time
- Exchange date & time to exchange
- Days over the estimated exchange date
- Time in days from when the reservation was completed to the exchange date
- Completion date
- Case notes (if applicable)

The export of the report will provide the same information as above but also give you the following date/time additions direct from the Progression Summary milestones!

- Draft Contracts Complete
- Mortage Application Submitted
- Valuation Booked
- Mortgage Offer Issued
- Searches Ordered
- Searches Received
- Searches Enquiries Raised
- Help to Buy Property Information Form Sent
- Help To Buy Authority To Proceed Received
- Help To Buy Authority To Exchange Received
- Deposit Paid
- Contracts Sent
- Contracts Signed by Buyer

Please be aware that units that are still available won't display in this report. The Exchange date will populate once this milestone has been completed in the Progression Summary, and then the estimated completion date will also populate.

Exporting will also provide you with all three reports in one spreadsheet. 

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