Reporting: Progression Report

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Once you are on the reporting page, you'll see that the first tab is your Progression Report. Here you will have an overview of all the units that are in the sales progression at that moment. Here you can see the following metrics:

- Unit number
- Status
- Buyer name
- Buyer type (mortgage, cash or Help to Buy)
- The name of the buyer's conveyancer
- The name of the sales negotiator
- Reservation date
- Saved time
- Exchange date
- Time in days from reservation to exchange date
- Completion date

Please be aware that units that are still available or have already been completed won't display in this report. The Exchange date will populate once this milestone has been completed in the Progression Summary, and then the estimated completion date will also populate.

Each section of the report has helpful tool tips which detail how the calculations are made. You can also click 'Export as MX Excel' to export all three reports in one spreadsheet. 

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