A Guide for Gifters!

If a buyer using Yourkeys has given us details of a gifted deposit, they'll be prompted to enter the details of the person who sent this gift.

We'll then send this person an email with instructions on how to digitally sign a Gifted Deposit Declaration Form. If the gift is over £10,000 (per gifter) then we'll also need to run an identity check against the gifter (this is required by law).

All of this is detailed in the email we send:

In the email will be an access code, simply copy this and click the 'Gifted Deposit Declaration' button:

Once you've clicked the 'Gifted Deposit Declaration' button, simply enter the access code from the email.

You'll then be brought to our one time portal (no sign up needed) to complete the necessary steps. Simply click 'Start' next to the step to begin and follow the instructions on screen:

We'll let you and the buyer know once it is completed!

Please be aware that if the buyer changes conveyancer, this form will need to be re-submitted for signature as this form has to addressed to the conveyancer in order to be valid, however the ID Check will not need to be re-done.

If you have any questions on this process, don't hesitate to contact us! You can find our Support details here.

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