My Reservation - Review & Sign

Once you have completed all of your details, you will be brought to the 'Review & Sign' step. This is the last chance to review and amend any details before you continue to sign the documentation. If you do need to change the information, simply click 'edit' next to the relevant section, we'll guide you to any affected steps that also need updating. Note if you completed an ID Check, your buyer details will not be editable. By clicking the blue download icons you can see a preview of the documentation you'll next be signing, and these will regenerate with any edits you have made. Once you are happy with all of the details, click 'Save & next' at the bottom of the screen. Should you need to amend details after you have completed your reservation steps, please communicate this to the seller who can change details on your behalf. 

If you have completed your proof of funds, you'll be asked to firstly confirm these details with a signed declaration form. This form affirms that you accept that all of the details provided are true. You can either choose to sign this online with a digital signature, or print and sign with a wet signature to then upload back into the platform. We'll confirm the online signature or successful upload with you. This form will be sent to your chosen conveyancer when the reservation is fully completed, and is also accessible to you in your Document Store in the sidebar.

Next will be the reservation agreement. The primary buyer will represent all of the other buyers (if applicable) when signing the reservation agreement. Before you sign the reservation agreement, you should ensure you have read, understood and agree with all of the information within the document. After both parties have signed the agreement, the seller can fully reserve the property for you (we'll notify you when this is completed). 

You can choose how you would like to sign the agreement, either digitally online or printed and signed with a wet signature. Please be aware if this is a Help to Buy purchase, then due to their guidelines, only a wet signature can be used.

In the case of uploading the Reservation Agreement with a wet signature, the file upload box supports the uploading of multiple documents at once. Simply click the upload file(s) box and select all the files you wish to include in your file browser by dragging over all the appropriate ones, and confirm. You'll then see them all populate as thumbnails with progress bars and once they're all completed you can confirm to commit them to the reservation journey and be added to the document set (also viewable within the sidebar).

With the online signing method, we'll confirm we've received the digital signature or the document upload with you, you can then click 'Save & next to complete this step. 

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