My Reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash): Proof of Funds details - Gift

The Gift section is relevant to all purchase types (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash). Click 'Start' next to this fund to begin. Firstly you'll be asked how many people you are receiving a gift from. We will then ask for the details of the person providing the gifted monies. 

Each gifter will receive an email from us asking them to complete a Gifted Deposit Declaration Form which then proves that the gift was genuine. Note, that if you are receiving more than £10,000 in gifted monies (per gifter), we will also need to verify the identity of the gifter(s) using our partner Onfido. All of this can be completed on our one time portal linked in the email (no sign up required), click here, to see our guide to gifters. 

Please be aware that if you change conveyancer, this form will need to be re-submitted for signature as this form has to address your conveyancer in order to be valid, however the ID Check will not need to be re-done. Once done, click 'Save' to complete this step. Should you wish to do so, you can also select "Complete offline", however, please be aware that you will still need to provide proof of these funds to your conveyancer and/or broker outside of this reservation step. Once done, click 'Save' to complete this step.

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