My Reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash): Proof of Funds

Here you'll be asked for the proof of funds to be listed. This step is relevant to all buyer types (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash). 

We'll firstly ask you to enter the amount being contributed per fund type, we also have a tally at the bottom so you can see when the total funds is reached. Once the total funds matches the total price, we'll then ask for additional details as proof of each fund, this is optional to provide but the more you can provide for your conveyancer upfront, the better! Lastly we'll ask for you to sign a proof of funds declaration form, which can either be signed digitally, or with pen and ink. Populating this information now will greatly speed up your property purchase, as we'll send all of this information directly to your conveyancer when the reservation is complete.

The funds that will be available to populate will be as follows:

- Mortgage (not shown or applicable to a cash buyer)
- Savings
- Gift
- Sale of properties
- Proceeds from the sale of investments
- Private loan
- Inheritance
- Other

Your agreed price will be automatically listed and the funds above will need to add up to the agreed purchase price. We will also show the outstanding funds remaining to make it easier to tally up your total funds.

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