My Reservation - Choose your Conveyancer

In this step you can choose your conveyancer. To begin with, you will be prompted with a question:
“Has a conveyancer already been instructed outside of the Yourkeys platform?“
 To continue please select one of the two options, then click the ‘Save & Next’ button.

If you selected “No, instruct a conveyancer now through the platform.”

You will be presented with a list of ten conveyancers. You can also use our search box to find a conveyancer (sourced from the CLC and SRA), and we'll filter the results to match what you type!

If they are integrated with Yourkeys they will display a small house icon and show estimated legal fees. Integrated conveyancers will receive your instruction and all your reservation information directly to their case management system, with all the details and documents needed to get the work done for your purchase provided immediately!

If your conveyancer is not on this list, you can still search for them on our platform, but we will ask for details of a main contact so we can send the instruction and your reservation information directly to them. Simply click the link “Can't find your conveyancer? No problem. Enter their details manually here.” Underneath the search bar to take you to the manual entry page, as shown below in the second choice.

If you selected “Yes, enter the details of the instructed conveyancer.”

You will be brought to a web form where you can manually enter the details of your conveyancer.
 The key points needed to be entered are the company name and address and the contact at the company’s name and contact information.

For either method, once a conveyancer is chosen there will be a tick box asking the following " Please confirm that you consent to us passing your contact and purchase details onto this conveyancer so they can review your instruction." This will need to be ticked before you can proceed to instruct the conveyancer.

Should you need to change your selected conveyancer, then you'll need to inform the seller or our Support Team, who can make this amendment for you on the platform and have your instruction re-sent to your new conveyancer!

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