F2F - Adding a new reservation - Reservation Agreement

Here we will ask how you would like the reservation agreement to be signed and the options of 'Sign online now', 'Print, sign and upload now' or 'Send to the buyer(s) to sign online later'.

Please note, that for Help to Buy purchases, you will only have the option of 'Print, sign and upload now' as a wet signature is needed to meet the Help to Buy requirements.

If the buyer is purchasing via cash or mortgage, you will be able to choose 'Sign online now' or 'Send to the buyer(s) to sign online later'. This will use our generated reservation agreement and can be signed digitally using Docusign. If you choose to sign online, then firstly, you the seller, will be prompted to sign the document online, simply click 'View & sign' and follow the instructions to sign digitally. Next, the buyer's signature will need to be done, the instructions to sign will be the same. The platform will automatically update to display when each signature has been signed. 

Should you wish to upload your own agreement, select 'Print, sign and upload now', but simply upload your own completed reservation agreement to the platform instead our downloading our generated agreement. To upload, click on the upload box to select the file from your computer, or drag & drop the document from your computer to the upload box instead.

Note that if you choose to sign offline, you can only upload the signed reservation agreement at this time and are unable to return to this step later to upload the reservation agreement on a separate occasion.

If you select for the buyer to sign online later, they will be guided how to sign the reservation agreement online via Docusign on their own platform. 

Whichever way you choose to sign the reservation agreement, you'll have the ability to download the signed reservation agreement from your Document Store in Case Tools. To learn more about Case Tools, search for 'Case Tools' in our dedicated seller FAQs, here.

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