Adding a new reservation - Fees

Here we will ask if the reservation fee has been paid. We'll display the fee given at onboarding but this price can be amended in this step. You will then have the options of 'Yes', 'No, pay online now', 'No, buyer to pay online later' or 'No, reservation fee payment is not required'.

If you are able to take the reservation fee in-house at that moment, then you can select yes to this step. Alternatively, you can use our secure payment portal, Stripe, to take the payment online at that moment, or the buyer can pay via Stripe later on their own platform. To learn more about Stripe click here. The default fee discussed at onboarding will display but you will have the option to discount this if you wish. If the reservation fee is taken via Stripe, a receipt of the payment will be automatically sent to the buyer's email address. 

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