F2F - Adding a new reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash): Proof of Funds Declaration

Once all of the source of funds details have been completed, we'll then ask for you to confirm these with a signed declaration form. You will be able to sign this in a number of ways.

-Sign online now
-Print, sign and upload now
-Send to buyer(s) to sign online later

If signing online, the signature can be done digitally through our platform, otherwise you can download the form by clicking 'Download', print the form from your computer, use a wet signature and then re-upload the form to the platform. To re-upload, click on the upload box to select the file from your computer, or drag & drop a document from your computer to the upload box instead. If you choose to send this to the buyer to complete later, they will be able to sign this digitally on their own platform. Click 'Save' and this step will be marked as completed.

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