F2F - Adding a new reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy): Proof of Funds Details > Mortgage & Mortgage Broker

Once you have clicked 'Start' for 'Mortgage', additional questions will appear for this step. 'Mortgage' is only applicable to buyer(s) who selected Mortgage or Help to Buy in the Pricing section. This step can be completed later by the buyer on their own platform, (simply click 'Buyer to complete later') or skipped entirely for the buyer to complete offline with their conveyancer (click on 'skip for this reservation'). The buyer will also be able to skip this step entirely from their own platform to handle offline with their conveyancer.

Firstly we will ask if the buyer has a mortgage broker. You'll be able to search our list of brokers, or alternatively you also have the option of entering the broker details in manually, simply click 'Enter manually'.

You'll be asked if they are dealing with a particular contact at this brokerage and if so, you can enter their details here for us to send the document set (minus the draft contract pack) to them directly. We will also ask if they have a mortgage lender, and if so, you can again search our platform for them. As an optional extra, you will also be able to upload an Agreement in Principle (AIP) if you wish, just click on the upload box to select the file from your computer, or drag & drop a document from your computer to the upload box instead. The document set that is sent to the buyer's conveyancer will also be sent to the broker detailed in this step.

If the buyer does not have a mortgage broker, or you don't have a broker you would like to put forward for them, you will be given the option to financially qualify your buyer(s) through our partner Mortgage Advice Bureau. You can select whether they contact your buyer within 60 minutes (Mon-Sat) or you can select a specific date & time instead. If you select no to this also. 

A tick box at the bottom will ask if the buyer is happy to give their conveyancer permission to pay their mortgage broker's invoice on their behalf. While this doesn't guarantee their conveyancer will agree to this, we will send the conveyancer this information on a Transaction Information Form automatically so they can choose whether they want to proceed with this. To complete this step, click 'Save'.

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