Buyer's Conveyancer - How does it work?

With Yourkeys, you don't need an account with us to further a purchase for a buyer using Yourkeys!

CMS Integrations - Reservations:
We’re integrating with major case management systems providing coverage of over 1,000+ legal firms across the UK. This means that if your CMS is integrated with Yourkeys, all of the reservation information will be automatically sent to you. If your CMS isn’t integrated, don’t worry! We’ll package all of the information and send it to you to download from our secure portal via email (no account required, all you’ll need is an access code that we’ll provide to you in the email).

The information automatically generated will be:

- Completed Transaction Information Form (TIF)
- Signed reservation agreement
- Proof of funds declaration form
- Proof of funds
- Identity verification report
- PEP (Politically Exposed Person), sanctions & watchlist reports
- UK Finance Form (DOI)
- Draft Contract Pack

Should any documentation be missing or yet to be sent, we’ll list this for you so you are aware and send further documents as soon as they are ready.

CMS Integrations - Sales Progression:
For the sale progression, if your CMS is integrated, then the milestones on our platform will automatically update in tandem. This means that the other stakeholders get real-time updates on what is happening and when and you don’t have to use another platform to do so. Don’t worry if you aren’t integrated, the developer/seller can manually progress the sale and update the buyer themselves from their platform.

Is my CMS integrated?
If you could please inform us which CMS you are using by messaging, we’ll be more than happy to discuss integrating with you!

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