Adding a new reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy): Source of Funds Details

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Once the source of funds total has been entered and matches the agreed price, the next step is to enter additional details for each fund selected. This step can either be completed later by the buyer on their own platform, (simply click 'Buyer to complete later' in the top right) or skipped entirely for the buyer to complete offline (click on 'skip for this reservation'). As well as this, the buyer is also able to skip this step entirely from their own platform.

You'll see each fund is listed with the status of 'Pending' and has a 'Start' button to the right hand side. To begin adding additional details to that source of funds, simply click 'Start' next to the relevant fund and further questions will be asked regarding it.

For a detailed explanation on how to complete the individual funds listed here, search for 'Source of Funds Details' in our dedicated developer/seller FAQs here.

When the step is completed, you'll be automatically brought back to the full list of funds. You'll also see the status will change from 'Pending' to 'Completed'. You can still select 'Buyer to complete later' mid-way through completing these fund details, if you choose to do this, you would move on to the next step of 'Declaration' and the buyer will need to complete the remaining funds on their own platform or skip entirely to handle offline with their conveyancer. 

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