F2F -Adding a new reservation - Finance (Mortgage/Help to Buy/Cash): Proof of Funds/Deposit

Here we'll ask for the proof of funds to be listed. This step is displayed for all purchase methods (cash/mortgage/Help to Buy) selected in the Pricing step. For Help to Buy, this will be called 'Source of Deposit'. This step can either be completed later by the buyer on their own platform, (simply click 'Buyer to complete later' in the top right) or skipped for the buyer to handle offline outside of our platform by clicking 'Skip for this reservation'.

The funds that will need a value against them are as follows:

- Mortgage (not shown or applicable to a Help to Buy/cash buyer)
- Savings
- Gift
- Sale of properties
- Proceeds of sale of investments, securities, premium bonds including Help to Buy ISA etc
- Private loan
- Inheritance
- Other

The agreed price will be automatically listed and the funds will need to add up to the agreed purchase price. We will record each amount entered in the 'Total funds' until this matches the agreed price. Outstanding funds remaining will also show here.

Once completed, click 'Save & next' to move on to the next section in Finance.

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