F2F - Adding a new reservation - Choose your Conveyancer

In this step is where you can choose the buyer’s conveyancer. To begin with, you will be prompted with a question:
“Has a conveyancer already been instructed outside of the Yourkeys platform?“
To continue please select one of the two options, then click the ‘Save & Next’ button.

If you selected “No, instruct a conveyancer now through the platform.”

You will be presented with a list of ten conveyancers. Integrated conveyancers will receive your instruction and all of your reservation information directly to their case management system and have Live case-tracking, which means they are integrated with Yourkeys’ systems to automatically update all your purchase milestones in your Progression Summary in real time!

If you selected “Yes, enter the details of the instructed conveyancer.”

You will be brought to a web form where you can manually enter the details of the buyer’s conveyancer.
 The key points needed to be entered are the company name and address and the contact at the company’s name and contact information.

For either method, once a conveyancer is chosen there will be a tick box asking the following " Please confirm that you consent to us passing your contact and purchase details onto this conveyancer so they can review your instruction." This will need to be ticked before you can proceed to instruct the conveyancer.

Should you need to change the selected conveyancer at any point, you can edit this in the ‘Review & Sign’ step if the reservation hasn’t yet been confirmed as completed. From here you can navigate to the Buyer’s Conveyancer step, click Edit and cancel the instruction and enter the details of the new instruction.
 If the reservation has already been confirmed as completed, in your Reservation Summary, a button with the text “Review & Edit” will take you to the Review and Sign page, with the above ‘Edit’ link next to the Buyer’s Conveyancer section. Clicking the link to edit will follow the same method as cancelling and instructing as above, however you will be prompted with a pop-up explaining any further actions needed as  result of the edit. For more information, please refer to the ‘Amending a reservation’ article.

Alternatively, you can contact our Support Team, who can make this amendment for you on the platform and have your instruction re-sent to your new conveyancer!

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