F2F - Adding a new reservation - Buyer(s) Details

In this step you'll be presented with the Buyer(s) details. You'll see this and every subsequent step are marked as pending for the time being, this will change as you progress through the steps and the platform will automatically list the date and time when a step has been completed. To begin, click 'Start' next to Buyer(s) details.

1. Buyer summary - Buyer type and total buyers

Firstly, we will as you to confirm if it is an individual buyer or a corporate purchase. If corporate we will ask for the company name and details which will populate in place of the buyers name where relevant, such as the Disclosure of Incentives form (CML)

2. Buyer 1 details:

Here you'll need to enter the primary buyer's details including current and previous home addresses (we'll need at least 3 years of address history) and their employment details - uploading proof of their address is also optional. If you selected that more than one buyer is purchasing the property, then you'll be prompted to add the details of the other buyers. You will have the option to use the same address history as the primary buyer too!

When this step is fulfilled, it will then be marked as 'Done' on your 'Steps Listing' page with the date and time it was completed.

Please note :
- Only the primary buyer will receive an email relating to their reservation
- The information entered for each buyer will be used for the identity check in the next step, please ensure this is correct to avoid any delays 

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