Release Notes 21st October 2019 - Version 4.4.2


Thanks for stopping by, it’s wonderful to see you again!

I have some great updates for you that benefit all of our users as well as some bug fixes to report!

Fantastic Features for All Users

Updated Website Design:
The Yourkeys website has been revamped to focus on housebuilders, developers and estate agents. We still highlight the multitude of benefits we offer to buyers and conveyancers, but now emphasise a B2B focus on our landing page. Our users now also have a separate portal page to sign in to the Yourkeys platform, which can be found here.

Additional FAQs for Buyers:
Additional FAQs have been added to the buyer's Dashboard on tabs 'Exchange of Contracts' and 'Legal Completion'. Once a step is completed within these sections, the buyer can click 'What's this?' next to that step to open a FAQ explaining that term.

Pending Instruction for a Buyer's Conveyancer:
If a buyer's conveyancer does not accept an instruction after 5 days, the instruction no longer expires. Instead an email will be sent to the developer advising them to switch to Manual Progression Mode.

Name of Buyer Character Limit:
Under 'Buyer(s) details' in the developer's Dashboard, it would only show 12 characters for the buyer's name and so often didn't fully display. The character limit has now been extended to 24 characters.

Bug Fixes

Manual Progression & Purchase Delay:
If a purchase was delayed and then set to Manual Progression, the sale would be stuck and the developer could not progress. This has been resolved to automatically resume the purchase if Manual Progression Mode is enabled.

11 Bedrooms:
If a buyer had a tentative reservation on a unit listed as a 'Studio', then the buyer would see this as 11 bedrooms. This has now been corrected to show as 'Studio'.

Delay Reason:
If a purchase was delayed, the reason listed for this was not shown in the notification email to stakeholders. This has now been fixed.

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more! 

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