Case Tools: Cancel Purchase

Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you.

You'll see that during a reservation and on your summary pages, that there is a side bar with icons displayed on the right hand side of your screen, this is your Case Tools menu. Simply click on an icon to open up the full menu. 

Cancel Purchase is where you are able to cancel the reservation or the sale of the property. If your reservation is still incomplete, using this will cancel the reservation. If you have a tentative or fully completed reservation, this will cancel the purchase.

You'll see a drop down box where you are can select a reason for the sale being cancelled, which will be sent in an email notification to the other stakeholders. If the reason isn't listed or is needing more detail added to it, please select 'Other' and a text box will appear to enter text freely.

You will be able to select to NOT notify the buyer of the cancellation by checking the tick box below the text box before confirming.

Once you've clicked 'Confirm', we'll ask you to type 'cancel' to make sure no accidental cancellations can happen! Once done, the purchase will be cancelled and this unit will be available to reserve again.

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