Case Tools: Delay Purchase

Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you.

You'll see that during a reservation and on your summary pages, that there is a side bar with icons displayed on the right hand side of your screen, this is your Case Tools menu. Simply click on an icon to open up the full menu. 

Delay purchase will only show if the buyer is using a non-integrated conveyancer and you are in the default mode of Manual Progression. Here you will see a text box where you are able to enter the reason for the sale being delayed, this will be sent in an email notification to the other stakeholders. Once you've clicked 'Confirm' the status of the purchase will also be set to 'Delayed' for all stakeholders to see.

When you want to resume the purchase, click back into the 'Case Tools' and click 'Purchase Delayed'. You can then click the 'Resume Purchase' button and the status will return to the current step in the purchase process.

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