How does Yourkeys benefit a conveyancer?

Firstly, Yourkeys is completely free to conveyancers, so all of the amazing features we offer won't cost you a penny! There are huge benefits to conveyancers using Yourkeys and our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you.

How it works:

- The seller enters the relevant information about a buyer into Yourkeys.
- We automatically process all of the required checks, forms and data requests.
- We collate all of this information into an easily accessible document set.
- You, the instructed conveyancer, receives this full document set so you can work on the case immediately.

Keeping everyone updated:

- We're integrating with major case management systems providing coverage of over 1,000+ legal firms across the UK.
- If you're integrated then the stakeholders get notified immediately of the updates on Yourkeys via your CMS.
- You also receive the document set directly to your CMS too!
- This way everyone has complete clarity of where they are in the purchase process with no extra work for you.

I'm not integrated:

- Don't panic! You'll receive an email instead with instructions on how to download the document set from our one time portal (no account required).
- The seller can update the buyer manually on their platform to inform them when steps have been completed.
-If you want to integrate with us, we'd love to discuss this with you, simply email

Our clients are some of the biggest sellers in the country and they're looking for highly rated conveyancers to accommodate their transactions. To find out more go to our website here, and click 'Request a demo'.

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