Release Notes September 3rd 2019 - Version 4.3 & Version 4.4

Hi there!

Thanks for popping by to see what's new with Yourkeys.

We've been working to further improve our payment security as well as simplifying the process for buyer's conveyancers.

Fantastic Features for All Users

Strong Customer Authentication:
We want to ensure you feel secure whenever you are making a payment through our platform, that's why payments on Yourkeys are processed by our secure payment portal Stripe. To further help reduce the risk of fraud, we've added Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to our payment process. This means that if a cardholder's bank decides they need more proof for the transaction to take place, the customer will be prompted to supply additional information to validate the payment. To put it simply, it gives an extra layer of authentication for online card payments and keeps your transactions safer and more secure.

Immediate Cancellations:
Up until now, purchase cancellations required Yourkeys authorisation before it was processed. We've changed this so if a purchase is cancelled by a developer, developer's conveyancer or buyer's conveyancer, the purchase is now immediately terminated and all stakeholders receive a notification.


Amazing Updates for Conveyancers

Simple Update Mode:
We've created one view with three different modes to make it super simple for buyer's conveyancers to update and complete all of the necessary steps!

Detailed Mode:
If a buyer's conveyancer would like to use the Yourkeys platform fully, they can click 'Start' to complete the detailed version of this section online. All stakeholders will be notified when a step within this section has been completed.

High Level Mode:
If a buyer's conveyancer would prefer to complete each part offline, they can simply click 'Mark completed' next to each section once it is done. All Stakeholders will be notified as soon as the section has been marked as completed.

Super High Level Mode:
If a buyer's conveyancer would rather complete all of the steps offline in bulk, they can simply click 'Confirm' at the bottom when they have fulfilled all of these parts offline. This will then mark all of the sections as completed and notify all stakeholders that every part has been completed.

This allows greater flexibility for a buyer's conveyancer to choose exactly how they wish to interact with the Yourkeys platform and enables them to decide which mode suits them best.

Bug Fixes

Case Notes:
Case notes were not being submitted via the 'Menu' side bar or by email, but this has been resolved and all notes now publish correctly.   

Uploading a Reservation Agreement:
When a signed reservation agreement was uploaded to the platform, this did not complete and the screen did not refresh. This has now been fixed to upload without any problems!

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more! 

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