Release Notes April 26th 2019 - Version 4.2.3


And welcome to the newest edition of release notes. 

We've been working hard to improve the user journeys for conveyancers and developers so all of our steps are clear and concise. We've also added new features to enhance your profiles and to generate new sales.

Fantastic Features for All Users

Book a Viewing:
All listings on the Yourkeys platform now have a ‘Book a Viewing’ call to action. This will generate a sales lead for the marketing suite/developer/agent.

Photo Upload:
Now when you upload a picture, you can see how your photo will look in our circular preview.

Case Export:
Additional information has been added to the case export function in the purchase process headers.


Exciting Enhancements for Developers

Add New Reservation:
We've upgraded the user experience on all steps of the ‘Add New Reservation’ process on the developers workflow, making call to actions clearer and interactions more dynamic.  

Stamp Duty Tax:
The stamp duty tax has been adjusted to reflect the different buyer types.  

Amazing Updates for Conveyancers

User Journey:
We've upgraded the user experience for the following steps in the conveyancer journey: Searches, Mortgage, Pre-completion checks, Financial statement, Enquiries and Deposit.  

Batch Upload Contracts Hours:
Conveyancers representing developers now have the ability to batch upload contract information. This means the draft contract packs are instantly there to review by the buyer’s conveyancer when a new reservation is taken.  

User Journey:
All conveyancers within a team can now accept instructions, not just the primary user.  

Bug Fixes

Conveyancer Notifications:
Conveyancer notifications now link to the 'New Instructions' tab and not to the homepage.  

Conveyancer status %:
Conveyancer status % fixed to match the same as the buyer’s status on 'Deposit'. 

Contact Us:
‘Contact us here’ link now directs correctly in the ‘Financial qualification’ section. 

Pre-sold Units:
Developer’s sales progression corrected to not show pre-sold units as available.  

CML Reminder email:
Developer CML reminder email now contains the unit details and address.  

Completion Date:
The completion date in the header now correctly updates upon completion by both parties.  

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more! 

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