Release Notes July 15th 2019 - Version 4.2.4


Thanks for popping by to see our latest updates. 

We've been looking closely at further ways to streamline the purchase journey, as well as showing more transaction information for added transparency.   

Fantastic Features for All Users

Revamped 'Menu' Designs:
We have updated the 'Menu' design for ‘Purchase details’ and ‘Stakeholders’, allowing users to effortlessly view these important details at any stage during the purchase process.


Exciting Enhancements for Developers

UK Finance (CML) Disclosure of incentives:
We have removed the reliance of completing the UK Finance (CML) Disclosure of incentives form when instructing the buyer’s conveyancer. These two tasks can now be completed independently and in parallel so it will not slow down the property sale.  

Reservation Fee:
In the developer’s Reporting Dashboard you can now select ‘Reservation fee paid’ from the drop down list to show whether a reservation fee was taken offline or paid through Yourkeys. ‘Developer’ will show those taken by the developer and ‘Yourkeys’ will show those paid through Yourkeys.  

Tentative Reservation Reminder SLA :
If a tentative reservation (a reservation where oustanding information is still required) is not completed after 72 hours, it will then be cancelled and purged from the platform.  

Amazing Updates for Conveyancers

Conveyancer pricing matrix - Phase 1:
Conveyancers can now add all of their case costs and fees into the ‘Services and Fees’ tab of the business settings. This allows them to specify in various ways the costs for each transaction. These costs will be shown to all buyers pre-instruction along with a disclaimer that these costs can vary. 

Conveyancer pricing matrix - Phase 2:
We have added the ability for conveyncers to showcase bespoke quotes for every transaction based on the figures entered into ‘Conveyancer pricing matrix - Phase 1’ (see above). The conveyancer’s star rating has also been added to the dashboard along with any reviews they have received. 

Bug Fixes

Developer’s Report Export:
The ‘Reports’ CTA on the developer’s progression dashboard now exports the full suite of information available including the stage of the purchase and the buyer’s details.  

Developer's Reporting Dashboard:
Developers could not switch from unit to financial on their dashboard. This has been amended and both views can now be seen.

Buyer’s Conceyancer CTA:
The buyer's conveyancer had no call to action button after selecting 'Sign online' or 'Sign offline' during step '3.4. Contracts'. This has been resolved and the CTA is now visible.

Buyer Account Settings:
Several call to action buttons have been fixed on the buyer’s account settings as these were intermittently not displaying. 

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more! 

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