Representing a buyer on Yourkeys

Once your account is set up and approved you’ll start to receive instructions directly through the Yourkeys platform. You’ll receive a notification when a buyer chooses you as their conveyancer and you can choose whether to accept or reject their instruction.

Once you've accepted an instruction, you can start helping the buyer purchase their new home! The platform will automatically calculate estimated exchange and completion dates and we’ll give you a little nudge if you’re approaching those deadlines.

The process is broken down into 4 sections:

- Conveyancer appointment
- Draft contract
- Conveyancing
- Completion

We've created one view with three different modes to make it super simple for you to update and complete all of the necessary steps involved.

Detailed Mode:
If you would like to use the Yourkeys platform fully, you can click 'Start' to complete the detailed version of this section online. Just follow the instructions for each step to complete them. All stakeholders will be notified when a step within a section has been completed so you won't keep getting bugged for updates.

High Level Mode:
If you would prefer to complete each part offline, you can simply click 'Mark completed' next to each section once it is done. All Stakeholders will be notified as soon as the section has been marked as completed.

Super High Level Mode:
If you would rather complete all of the steps offline in bulk, you can simply click 'Confirm' at the bottom when you have fulfilled all of these parts offline. This will then mark all of the sections as completed and notify all stakeholders that every part has been completed.

So there you have it, you can choose exactly how much you want to interact with the Yourkeys platform and decide which mode suits you best when representing a buyer!

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