F2F - What is a 'Tentative Reservation'?

When you are reserving a property with a buyer, certain skipped steps causes the reservation to be marked as 'tentative. This means the buyer still needs to complete some details before the reservation is fully complete. The items that may have been skipped are:

- Signing their reservation agreement.
- Paying their reservation deposit.
- Completing their proof of funds and proof of funds declaration (if not skipped entirely).
- Appointing their conveyancer

You and the buyer will be notified by email when it has been completed as a tentative reservation, and you'll also see this as a status on your Reservation Summary. Here it will show you which parts still need to completed to make it a full reservation. YOi'll be notified when the buyer has completed their outstanding steps. 

Once you have a fully completed reservation, this is when we'll send the instruction to the buyer's conveyancer with the document set so they can get straight to work on the sale! Note that the Progression Summary will not be visible until the reservation is fully completed. 

There will still be some final steps to complete after the reservation such as:  

- UK Finance Form (Disclosure of Incentives Form - only applicable to mortgage purchases)
- Property Information Form (only applicable to Help to Buy purchases)
- Upgrades, Extras & Choices (if applicable)

Any documents generated by these steps will be sent as an addition to the buyer's conveyancer once completed.

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