Development Settings: How do I add team members?

Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you.

To add users to your team, firstly head to your Dashboard. Click the three dots in line with the relevant development and then click 'edit team members'.

You will see that you are automatically brought to the 'Assign team' tab in your Development Settings.  Here you can add users and define what roles and access privileges they have. You can find a table of the roles attached to this FAQ. You can also copy an existing team and their roles to a new development, please be aware that if you are copying a team, a user that already has access to all units will be granted the same level of access on your new development. However, if a team member has been assigned specific units, they will not have any unit access until this is set for them on your new development.

To add a new team member, click 'Add new user', you'll then be presented with the different role types and what each has access to, you can find a breakdown of each role on this page. You will also see any existing team members listed with their role, unit access total and when they were last online, additionally, clicking the three dots in line with this user will allow you to view more info on that user, manage their access as well as remove them from your team.

Next you can enter the email addresses of all the users you want to assign to that role, you can add a singular user or multiple! The user can then enter their name when they are invited to the platform. If the user already exists we will auot-populate their details for you.

Next we'll ask which units you want the users to have access to. If the unit access is different per user email address, then this can be skipped and access can be given to users individually on the initial 'Assign Team' page by clicking the three dots in line with the user and clicking 'Manage access'. Please be aware that if this is skipped, the user will not be able to add any reservations until unit access is selected for them. Alternatively, if all users will have access to the same plots, you can select the specific units here or also select all units. If all units are selected, you will also be given the option to allow the user(s) automatic access to all units created hereafter too. If users are only given specific access, these are the only units they will be able to reserve and their reporting will also be limited to the units they have been granted access to also.

To see all of your users across all of your developments, click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner, select 'Account settings' and then 'People'. You are also able to click on the user to see their account details and manage/remove access for that user, as well as see which users have activated their account.


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