How do I complete my 'Tentative Reservation'?

If you have a tentative reservation, this means the seller has added some initial information for your property reservation but needs you (the buyer) to complete the outstanding details. This could be such tasks as completing an identity check, choosing your conveyancer and/or populating your proof of funds, to name a few. The primary buyer (first buyer) listed will receive an email to notify them of the tentative reservation, and will be directed to set a password and login to Yourkeys from this email too!

When you first log into the platform with a tentative reservation, you'll see this as a status against the property you are reserving, next you'll need to click 'Continue' to complete your outstanding tasks'. Firstly we will show you an overview of your property details, please review this to make sure you these details are correct before proceeding. If you need to make a change to any of the details you will need to contact the developer/seller. When you're happy with the details, click 'Continue with your reservation' to proceed. 

You'll then be shown all of the reservations steps and which ones you'll need to fulfil. Simply click 'Start 'next to each step and we'll explain each section in detail and what you will need to provide to complete it.

We have an abundance of buyer FAQs you can should you have any questions, but also don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team who will be more than happy to help!

A handy PDF will be attached to all reservation based emails you will receive, please refer to these guides for more information.

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