F2F - How do I add a new reservation?

To add a new reservation, head to your Dashboard and click 'View' next to your development. Then click the 'Add Reservation' button next to the chosen unit. 

Firstly we will display the units details such as the asking price, no. of bedrooms and bathrooms, postal address and service and estate charges. These details can be amended, or if fields have not been provided from onboarding, these can be populated in this initial screen. These details can be edited throughout the reservation, however this information will be used to populate the reservation agreement so we suggest ensuring you are happy with all of these unit details before proceeding to the next step.

Next, we will ask you if the buyer is present with you, depending on your selection the reservation journey will differ.

Buyer(s) Present:

You will be responsible for entering all of the details in the reservation steps, although some sections can be sent to the buyer to complete later from their own account.

Buyer(s) Remote:

We'll ask you to enter some basic information about the sale, including the primary buyer's details, and then they will be sent the remaining steps to complete from their own account. The primary buyer will be responsible for completing such steps as, entering the details of any other applicable buyer's, completing ID checks and signing the reservation agreement. The primary buyer listed will also represent any other applicable buyers for the reservation. Once their steps are completed, you'll be able to review the details they listed and countersign the agreement to complete the reservation.

For help on the individual steps when adding a new reservation, click on the journey headers above, or you can find dedicated seller FAQs here, which covers every step involved in the process!

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