Development Settings: Unit settings & availability

Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you. 

To change which units are live, firstly head to your Dashboard, click the three dots in line with the relevant development and then click 'Edit Development'.
Alternatively, in the Development's Unit Listing, clicking the Pink Cog in the upper right will also take you here.

You will be brought to the ''Unit settings & availability' tab. Here you can edit the availability of units, edit their details and check some basic information. 

To change the status of a unit, click 'Edit availability' next to the relevant block. Now you'll be able to check or un-check the units in this block to mark these as either live or not ready for sale. Once happy with the selections, click on 'Apply Changes', and you're done! Units that are unchecked will appear in this list, but not in the Unit Listing when you and your users log into the development.

To manage a particular unit, locate the unit you wish to change and notice to the right two buttons; 'View/Edit' and 'Duplicate'.

Clicking 'View' or 'Edit', will take you to the unit details page. If a reservation is in progress, this will not be editable and the fields will be greyed out. If the unit is free to reserve, the fields will be freely editable. You can make any changes you need to the specific unit here.
Clicking 'Duplicate' will open options to make a copy of the selected unit. If you are manually adding units to the platform, and they share the same attributes, this is a handy tool to speed up the creation of units. However, if you have a lot of units to add to the platform, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team, who are more than happy to assist uploading of unit details. You can find contact details here: Contact Us

Below this, you can also find + symbols to add new blocks and units from scratch!

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