Development Settings: Edit Development - Overview

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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In the Overview section of your development's settings, you can set the core details such as the Development Name, Address and Development completion date. This will be populated onto legal documentation for reservations submitted on units within the development.


Please note, depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you


Before making any changes below, the development must be taken Offline then set Live once saved. You can do this at the top of the page by clicking the Take offline or Set live buttons

Below are the following points that can be updated or edited at any time:

Field Description

Development Name *

The name of your Development.

Listing Address *

The first lines of the Development's address.

Listing Town *

The town the Development is in.

Listing County

The county the Development is in.

Listing Postcode *

The postcode of the Development.

Listing Country

The country of the development.

Phase reference

Denotes which phase the development is currently in.

Development completion date

Denotes which date the development is set to be completed.

Development image *

The image to be displayed on the platform to represent the development.

Government schemes/incentives

Option to check certain government based schemes for a purchase on the development. Please note: Currently only Help to Buy is listed. 

Help to Buy region

Once Help to Buy is selected, a drop-down box for which region the development adheres to will need to be selected. If you're unsure on which region to set it to, please refer here.

* Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory to save any edits or complete the development set-up.

Override seller/vendor details

This section allows an override of the Business Account Details for the development if you wish to display a different company name per development. You can also override the Business logo to be populated onto documentation.

Activate the switch next to each field you would like to override and enter the new details. The fields you can alter are:

  • Seller/Vendor name
  • Telephone Number (And country dialling code)
  • Email address
  • Company address
  • Seller logo

Once all edits are complete, click the Done button at the bottom of the page and refresh the page.