Development Settings: Edit Development - SPV & VAT

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Depending on your user role, the following actions may not be available to you

This section is used to denote your Special Purpose Vehicle. If you do not know what this is, you likely will not need to use this section. However, if you are unsure please contact your Account Admin to enquire. 

Editing your SPV & VAT

Once an SPV has been set, it will override certain fields on the Reservation Agreement and other documentation from the Development's Information to whatever the SPV is set to.


Before making any changes below, the development must be taken Offline, then once the changes are made and saved, set Live again. To do this, at the top of the page click the Take offline or the Set live buttons

To set a custom SPV, navigate to your Dashboard Overview then:

  1. Click the three dots beside the development
  2. Click Edit development
  3. Click the Edit development tab
  4. Click the SPV & VAT tab
  5. Fill out the sections and click Done when finished


This will only alter reservations completed past this point. It will not retroactively amend previous reservations that have been completed or partially completed. However, if details are edited in a reservation during the Review and Edit step at any point (pre or post-completion), the reservation agreement will need to be regenerated, require resigning by the stakeholders and have the updated details on the agreement