Adding a new reservation - Finance - Cash Buyer Journey

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This article will take you through the Cash Buyer Finance journey of the reservation.

We will ask for information regarding the Deposit Amount and Proof of Funds.

This article includes: 

Deposit Amount

In the Deposit Amount section, we ask all buyers to enter the deposit amount in the Price field.

Yourkeys will default this price to 10% of the Agreed Price listed at the top of the page, however, this amount can be edited. 

When edited, the deposit amount will also show the total percentage of deposit the buyer will pay between 10% and 100%.

Cash buyers can add the whole 100% amount to this box.

Proof of Funds

Once the proof of funds total has been entered and matches the Agreed Price, the next step is to enter additional details for each fund selected. 

We provide 7 relevant sections which, when totalled, match the total price figure:

  • Savings
  • Gift
  • Sale of Properties
  • Proceeds from the sale of investments
  • Private loan
  • Inheritance
  • Other

When the step is completed, you'll be automatically brought back to the full list of funds.

We may require additional details on each of the fund types specified, more information on this can be found here.

You can click Start to complete each section. Once completed, click Save & next to continue to Choose your Conveyancer.


This step is not mandatory and can either be completed later by the buyer by selecting Buyer to complete later, or, skipped entirely for the buyer to complete offline by selecting Skip for this reservation. The buyer can also skip this step entirely from their own platform should this be handled offline with their conveyancer/independent financial adviser