Property Reserved - Upgrades, Extras & Choices

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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After the reservation is complete, you can choose to select any applicable upgrades, extras and/or choices. You will be able to choose whether you want to select them from your list, upload a .pdf document, or simply mark that upgrades aren't applicable to this purchase.

Choosing Upgrades, Extras & Choices

If you provided your upgrade information when we onboarded your development, all of the upgrades, their value and the room they are relevant to, will be in the list selection.

To choose an upgrade from the list:

  1. Select the room of the upgrade
  2. All selections relevant to this room will display. Choose all selections
  3. Edit the default price of the upgrade listed if needed

Once all upgrades have been chosen, we will total up the final value of all the options selected and aggregate this data into our Upgrades, Extras & Choices form. This is automatically sent to the buyer's conveyancer and added to the Document Store.

If you select to upload a .pdf document, we will still automatically forward this in as part of the Document Set to the conveyancer.