Adding a new reservation - Remote Reservation Buyer Steps

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If the Buyer has yet to complete part or all of their reservation step remotely, the property will remain tentatively reserved. The buyer will be sent an email to log in and complete the remaining steps.

The full list of steps that a buyer needs to complete are:

  • Reservation Consent
  • Consumer consent including the Consumer Code
  • Buyer(s) details
  • Identity Check (if you selected the buyer to do so)
  • Planned Use
  • Finance including Proof of Funds (if you selected the buyer to do so))
  • Choose Conveyancer (if not chosen by yourself)
  • Reservation Deposit (if you selected the buyer to pay online via Stripe)
  • Review & Sign (which includes the Reservation Agreement and Proof of Funds declaration form if applicable)

Once the buyer completes all these tasks, you will be notified and can review the information they have added before signing the agreement. You will need to confirm in the tick box that you have reviewed all of the reservation information, including but not limited to, proof of address details and the results of the ID check.


Should you need to review data inaccuracies found from the Identity Check, you can learn more on that process here.

Amendments made to the Reservation Agreement will automatically send out updated documents to be re-signed by the buyer. Once all information is correct, you can countersign the agreement.

A final confirmation banner will display indicating that you can now fully reserve the property. To finalise your reservation, click Confirm.

Upon completion, instruction and the Document Set will be sent to the buyer’s conveyancer and all stakeholders will be notified.