Adding a new reservation - Pricing

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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In this step, you will be entering the pricing information of the unit being sold. We will automatically list the asking price on this page for your reference, the only other price that will be added is the agreed price.

If the agreed price is less than the asking price, this will automatically display a discount percentage and a reason for the discount should be entered in the text box below.

We will also ask which purchase method the buyer is using to purchase the property. You can choose from:

  • Cash
  • Mortgage
  • Help to Buy Equity loan


This selection will change the steps in the Finance section ahead


If Help to Buy is chosen, you will need to specify who will complete the Property Information form

After the purchase method is selected, the referrer name (sales negotiator) will be listed and the source of enquiry can be entered if applicable.

Once completed, click Save & next to continue with Major Milestones.