Identity Check: Result as Consider

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you have received an email entitled Please review the buyer details, this means that the ID check has found conflicting information between the buyer details entered and the documentation submitted. Examples of this are a mismatched date of birth or incorrect spelling of the buyer’s name on the reservation.

You can re-run or approve the identity checks, however, once the ID check has been re-run, the original report will be replaced with the most recent results.

Re-running ID Checks

When you return to the reservation, the button Review will be listed next to the Identity Check step. Click here to see all buyers who have completed the check and which ones need to be amended.

Under buyer's labelled Consider, you will see a user icon with an editing pen. Click the pen to view the options:

  • Amend the buyer's basic information only
  • Reset the ID check for the buyer to re-complete
  • Amend buyer details and reset the ID check
  • Approve ID check

The first option is to amend any information you see that has been entered incorrectly (for example a middle name) that would not affect the ID check. You can then save and continue as normal.

The second and third options allow you to re-run the check. You can either re-run with the current buyer’s details or amend the buyer’s details and then re-run the check. This will then send the step back to the buyer to complete again.

If you choose to approve the ID check, this will mark the buyer result as Clear and the check will not be re-run. This will allow the step to be saved and progress as normal.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Support team who can help.