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Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, conveyancers are under a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that their firms’ client accounts are not used by criminals for the purpose of laundering money earned through illegal activities.

To help with this process, we use our partner Onfido to create an identity report for your buyer(s). By using Onfido, we can check your buyer’s identity and confirm they do not appear on any global sanctions or watchlists.

If you are performing the KYC/AML checks outside of our platform, Identity Check can be skipped by selecting Skip for this reservation in the top right-hand corner. We will ask you to confirm you want to skip this step before we action this.

This article includes: 

How to use Onfido

The Onfido report will display the following details:

  • ID verification
  • Facial similarity report
  • Politically Exposed Person check
  • Sanctions check
  • Adverse Media check

To use Onfido:

  1. Click Run check against each buyer to start
  2. A pop up stating Verify your identity will appear with various ID options to choose from. Click the type of document you wish to use with the photo requirements of each listed
  3. Documents can either be uploaded via computer or mobile
    1. To complete on mobile, a link will be sent to the buyer to complete their ID check

Onfido will start the process of retrieving the identity check results. While most checks will return within 5 minutes, some may take up to 24 hours to return, so we suggest selecting Save & next on this step initially.

To review the results, click into this section from your steps listing again at a later point.

What to do if verification fails?

If the verification fails, check that the buyer details have been entered correctly. You can navigate back into the buyer details step to edit the following fields: Gender, First name, Last name and Date of birth.

The results of the report will either state Clear or Consider, however, a more granular report of the results can be downloaded as a .pdf from the same page, which also provides you with sub-results.
You can learn more from Onfido on their results here.

You can click View on this page to see a breakdown of the checks that have been performed and whether they have passed or failed. If Consider is listed in the identity check results, then you will need to evaluate from the information provided if you wish to continue with the sale or not. The report and images from the ID screening (the video, a screenshot and the ID upload) are all added to the document set for the buyer’s conveyancer to receive on instruction.

Experiencing difficulties with the Identity Check?

If you are experiencing any other difficulties with the Identity Check, please check if Onfido is currently experiencing any downtime at their status page here.

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Identity Check: Result as "Consider"

Once completed, click Save & next to continue with the Garage, parking & storage section.