Adding a new reservation - Buyer(s) Details

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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In this step, you will enter the buyer(s) details onto the reservation. The steps for this will be different depending on whether you are completing the reservation with the buyer present or remotely.

This article includes: 

Starting a Reservation

To start, you can continue from two places on the page:

  1. Click Continue on the next task banner at the top of the steps, or
  2. Click Start next to Buyer(s) details


The next step will ask if the buyer is present with you. The next reservation steps will change depending on this answer

Buyer is present

If the buyer is present, you will be responsible for entering all of the details in the reservation, although some sections can be sent to the buyer to complete later on their own account.

In order to return all of the required information to complete this purchase, we'll need to share some of the buyer(s) information with other third parties. Before we do this, we will require the buyer to complete both the Reservation Consent and Consumer Consent by ticking the required boxes.

Once complete, the next page will ask you to confirm if the reservation is for an individual buyer or a corporate purchase. If the purchase is corporate, we will ask for the company name and details which will populate in place of the buyer’s name where relevant, such as the Disclosure of Incentives form (CML).

The next step is to fill out the buyer details, either in full or only the basic details of the Primary buyer.


Choosing to complete the full buyer details is recommended if they are present as this will drastically speed up the reservation process

Entering full details

If you choose to enter the buyer details in full, the process will involve adding the following details:

  • Number of buyers
  • Entering the Primary buyer's details (including current and previous home addresses and their employment details)
  • Entering all other buyer's details up to 4 buyers (including current and previous home addresses and their employment details)

If there is more than one buyer, you will have the option to duplicate the address history of the primary buyer to speed this up for buyers in the same household.

Entering basic details

Choosing to enter basic details only will send this task to the buyer to complete at a later stage on their account. It will also cause this property to be tentatively reserved.


Please be aware that you will not be able to sign the reservation agreement until the buyer has completed all their outstanding tasks

We will notify the buyer once the property is tentatively reserved and let you know when they have completed all their assigned tasks.

When this step is completed, it will then be marked as Done on your Steps Listing page with the date and time it was completed.


Only the primary buyer will receive an email relating to their reservation

The information entered for each buyer will be used for the identity check in the next step, so it is important to ensure all details entered are correct to avoid any delays.

Buyer is not present

If the reservation is being completed remotely, you can choose to enter the basic details of the Primary buyer only.

The only information needed at this time will be the Primary buyer’s name, email address and phone number. They will receive an email to create an account once your steps are completed.

The Primary buyer will then be responsible for adding any other applicable buyers for this purchase and completing the remaining steps of the reservation. The buyer can review and edit the details entered on the reservation to ensure there are no spelling mistakes of their name or address.


The buyer’s Yourkeys account is tied to their email address, so it is important to ensure this is entered correctly before proceeding. If the buyer’s email address is entered incorrectly, this cannot be edited once you send the buyer’s account activation email by tentatively confirming the reservation

Only the Primary buyer will receive an email for either choice. All secondary and further buyer's actions and details will be completed and filled out from the primary buyer’s account.

Once completed, click Save & next to continue with the Identity Check.