Adding a new reservation - Consumer Consent

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Before you reserve the property, please confirm that the following items from the Consumer Code have been followed and that the buyer has received, or is due to receive:

  • An explanation of the Home Warranty cover
  • A description of any management services and organisations to which the home buyer will be committed to and an estimate of their costs
  • A brochure or plan illustrating the general layout, appearance and plot position of the home
  • A list of the home's contents
  • The standards to which the home is being built

If cladding is part of the building structure, please confirm that the buyer has received, or is due to receive:

  • In writing that the cladding conforms to specific written standards
  • That the external balconies are not made of hazardous materials
  • That there are protocols for management

If this is a buy-to-let purchase, please confirm that you have received:

  • All information regarding any property licensing schemes and/or fees related to this property


  • A copy of the Consumer Code can be downloaded in .pdf form here
  • You can find a downloadable version of the Consumer Code in the Reservation section of the buyers Document Store

Once the confirmation boxes have been ticked, click Save & next to move to the next step.